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China Tourist Trend

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4 major trends in China’s tourism industry * Posted On: 13th November 2013 * By: Olivier * With 2 Comments
4 major trends in China’s tourism industry

On March 25th, the world’s leading tourism technology partner Amadeus released a research report completed by Frost & Sullivan. The report reveals four trends that analyze the future direction of China’s tourism industry.
These four trends include: technology and infrastructure applications increased for tourism; Chinese travelers demand more personalized; Asia Pacific travel barriers between countries diminishing and exit procedures more streamlined; high-end and low-end tourism market quick growth. The report noted that technological innovation is the driving factor in the four major trends.
Commenting on the report, Amadeus Executive Officer of China, Bart Tompkins said: “The report researches the Chinese tourism market current and future development. In the rapidly changing market, the tourism industry must adapt to these changes and propose appropriate technical solutions, which are the tourism practitioners’ key to success in this fierce competition. Amadeus will work together with the Chinese tourism industry, with innovative technology, to find solutions to deal with these changes, and jointly promote Chinese tourism market with healthy and rapid development. “
The first trend to observe is this huge development of Chinese tourists as you can see on the graph below:
The leapfrog development of Chinese outbound tourism Studies show that although most Chinese travelers still rely on travel agents to arrange travel, in the future there will be more and more travelers who use Internet and mobile devices to make a reservation. In the future, there will be 70% of Chinese travelers using the Internet, which is the biggest proportion of all countries in…...

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