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China Trade Marketing

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China TRADE Marketing

Ricardo Fu
MGMT 3105V GBC – Global Business in the 21st Century
Walden University
Instructor Juan Ortiz
October 21th 2012

TABLE OF CONTENTS china TRADE marketing 4 Introduction 4 Business Concept 4 Vision 4 Mission Statement 4 Goals and Objectives 4 Market Analysis…………………………………………………………...…5 Domestic Market Opportunities 5 Foreign/Global Market Opportunities 5

china marketing

China Trade Marketing will be a marketing research company focus on the guidance to trade in China to those companies that are interested to make business in this oriental country. It main purpose of this paper is to show the reader how this company will be structure in terms of vision, mission, goals and objectives. Also we will see the target market or the niche that China Trade Marketing focuses and considering the different opportunities and cultural aspects.

Business Concept The name China Trade Marketing emerged from the specialization of the company that is consulting, marketing and research. Nowadays China has become a potential country in which different manufactures moved there due to a low cost labor. Foreign companies saw the opportunities to reach that market but they don’t have the right tools such as language and broad geographic knowledge to start make business in China, that’s why China Trade Marketing, Ltd born.
Being one of the first companies to effective support for successful internationalization of companies with specific interest in the Chinese market. In the medium term we expect to cover with our value countries of North, Central and South America.

Mission Statement * To provide an excellent service to our customers gain confidence in long-term business with China. Advise on opening new business opportunities to ensure the best support team to achieve their goals. * To...

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