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China Xiaomi Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Xiaomi Inc.
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Executive Summary:
Lei Jun along with 7 other developers founded a company, Xiaomi in 2010. Since the release of its first phone in late 2011 it has created an estimated global market share on 5.1% this report will focus on a company, customer, product analysis of Xiaomi as well as show a SWOT analysis, discuss key target markets and list the advantages a disadvantages of potentially entering the Australian mobile phone market. Over it all it seems with the right planning Xiaomi have a rather large chance of becoming a well-known phone brand in the Australian market due to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing.

Table of Contents Executive Summary: 2 Product Description: 3 Customer Analysis: 5 Competitor Analysis: Market position: 5 Collaborators: 6 SWOT Analysis: 7 Strengths: 7 Weaknesses: 7 Opportunities: 7 Threats: 7 Market Segmentation: 7 Lifestyle And Psychographics: 8 Demographic: 8 Geographic: 8 Behavioural: 8 Alternative marketing strategy: 8 Price Focus: 8 Differentiation: 9 Diversification: 9 Selected Market Strategy: 9 Price: 9 Product: 9 Place: 9 Promotion: 9 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Entering Australia: 10 Advantages: 10 Disadvantages: 10 Conclusion: 10

Product Description:

A serial entrepreneur Lei Jun founded Xiaomi Inc. who believed that high quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese electronics company whose headquarters is based in Beijing, China. This company is the world’s 3rd largest smart phone distributor and it designs, develops and sells smartphones, mobiles applications and consumer electronics. The company itself has over 6000 employees and has sold over 60 million smart phones in 2014 alone. Since the release of its first smart phone in 2011, Xiaomi has...

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