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A2 Business Studies

Pre-Release Research Task

‘Development in Emerging
Markets: China’

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Preparing for A2 Business
The Unit 3 examination
Strategies for success

• 25% of A level • 1 hour 45 minutes exam • 80 marks • The exam is case study based and comprises one 10 mark calculation question, two 18 mark evaluation questions and one 34 mark report.

The Unit 4 examination
The Business Environment and Managing Change

• 25% of A level • 1 hour 45 minutes exam • 80 marks • Section A: Pre-release research tasks leading to a 40 mark essay • Section B: Choice of 3 essays, one must be chosen for 40 marks • This unit is synoptic – this means that it pulls together all the material from the entire AS and A2 specification.

There are two key additional elements of preparation for this paper:

Complete the research task

The research task is designed to enable you to investigate in detail a small part of the Unit 4 specification. The research brief will give you precise guidance on the tasks to complete. Do not make too much of this task and extend your research beyond what is asked. Do, however, relate your research to a variety of large businesses producing goods and services and operating in different markets.

Read widely about business

You should read newspapers, magazines, and books, watch television and surf the internet for news of business affairs. You will be asked to apply your knowledge of business studies to a number of business scenarios. In some cases (especially the essays), you will be invited to offer your own examples of how businesses are affected by or react to, specific circumstances. Having relevant knowledge is therefore essential Glossary of Terms


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