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Chinese culture

Chinese is spoken the most in all Asian country, especially Han people, which is the majority ethnic group in China. Mandarin language is the official language in China nowadays, but in the ancient times people used to draw some symbolic mark instead of characters. Writing is the most important component element in chinese language. “There are roughly 70,000 Chinese characters and phonetic sounds. An average person has to know about 3,000 characters to be able to read the newspaper. In secondary schools the number of characters taught is 5,000.”(paulnoll 2012)Hence, Chinese language is generally considered a difficult language.

Chinese pay more attention to nutrition and healthy when they cooking food. Wheaten food is essencial and normal in every meal. The most traditional and unique food in China is Jiaozi, some people call it dumplings. Chinese people like to cook dumplings to show their passion and hospitality to guests. “dumplings are formed into the shape of the gold and silver ingots (yuan bao) that were used as money in ancient China; they thus augur good fortune as well as good eating.”(Hom 2002)

In the ancient time of China, “the three main types of traditional Chinese clothing are the pien-fu, the ch'ang-p'ao , or long robe, and the shen-i.”(Chinatownconnection 2012) nowadays, it is replaced by normal fashion clothes which come from western countries. However, some minority nationality in China keep wearing traditional clothes everyday. For example, Miao group still wearing traditional clothes in normal day.

Most of Chinese do not have religion, they have many freedom. Some of them are buddhist because buddhist has the most richly history in China.

Many business man in China will ask Fengshui of the land when they choosing location for their new company. Chinese people believe…...

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