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Chipotle Marketing Project

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Chipotle Mexican Grill

In this final paper, we will discuss the Chipotle company and its Customer Relationship Management. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is actually the chain of restaurants based in the United States but has now expanded into the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France. The mission statement of this company is Food with Integrity and this company deals with the usage of organic ingredients. This company is famous for its naturally raised meats and maintains that they are better than other restaurants. The customers are satisfied with the services and products of this company. In this case, we will explore the strategy of Chipotle’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Ethical Issues involved in Marketing to the Customer
Like every other company, Chipotle also performs various activities to advertise its business in marketing. Marketing is not an easy process to perform as there are numerous factors that need consideration. If the marketing strategy of a company is well implemented, then the business products can be presented effectively to the company’s customers. According to the information discovered over the multiple papers written, I have come to understand that Chipotle has faced some issues in the marketing of its products to its customers. Following issues are considered by people against Chipotle’s advertisements (Liebelson, 2015).

Does Chipotle’s support GMOs?
This was the main question that was raised against Chipotle’s advertisement as it recently released a Pixar-style short film or “commercial” (Liebelson, 2015). For understanding purposes, GMOs means Genetically Modified Organisms. The advertisement used implies that messing with nature is bad and Chipotle does not do this. On other hand, experts also say that the film is about an issue of agriculture and industrial food production, but no GMO references are mentioned....

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