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Citicorp glass skyscraper is the one of the tallest building in New York. The entire structure rests on a central core and four out riding column like towers. Structural engineer William LeMessurier set the 59 story tower on high columns, positioned at the middle of each side, rather than at the corners. which was an against ethical code on structure. a canon 2 of the codes: " Engineering shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public". but LeMessurier made that on error which out knowing. In 1978, a prompted came to shine by a question from a student, about center pillars of Citicorp building. engineer consideration about a question and that's let to discovery of the flaw about this building. this was reported to LeMessurier and he discovered a potentially fatal flaw in the building's construction. the skyscraper's bolted joints were too weak to survive 70 mile per hour at particular angles. LeMessurier's original design and load calculations for the special, uniquely designed used to support the building were based on welded joints, a labor and cost-saving change altered the joints to bolted construction after the building's plans were approved. The engineers did not recalculate what the construction change would do to the wind forces acting on two surfaces of the building's curtain wall at the same time. if a speed winds hit the building at a 45 degree angle. the whole building was at danger of collapsing sideway to other buildings. LeMessurier reportedly looked over how to deal with the problem. making it known to the wider world risked ruining his professional reputation. But Hurricane season was around the corner, he took the bold decision to approach Citicorp directly, and advise them of the need to take swift remedial action. He convinced Citicorp to hire a crew of welders to repair the fragile building...

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