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Chongqing Medical Case Study

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1. In general, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Peace Medical? There are several strengths in Peace Medical. First, it is a successful company which has its own organizational culture and well-planned organizational develop strategy. It also had developed a sound organizational structure and had managed to staff key functional areas. Second, Peace Medical had cultivated an established set of clients throughout China and had accumulated an array of tangible assets and had established good relationships with several key stakeholders and a strong reputation. Third, Peace Medical had solicited the advice of different management consulting firms. This helped them developed a better understanding of the overall Chinese market and identify strategic priorities. Most of the weaknesses of Peace Medical reflected in the ways the company deals with the uncertainties. For instance, it lacks the competencies to gain a competitive advantage in the medical supply industry because it doesn't have deep knowledge about the entire supply chain. What's more, Peace Medical doesn't have a successful strategic alliance with a company that specialized in knowledge promotion and marketing. In addition, the strategy which Peace Medical currently has cannot guarantee that they can adjust the new developments in the external environment.

2. How can Peace Medical attain the five medium-term strategic objectives Jiang has articulated?
A. Improve internal processes 1) Employees; to choose the employees who have as strong a sense of responsibility, Peace Medical formalize HR management process. 2) Interdepartmental Communication; to work more efficiency, each department should not only have its own clearly responsibilities, but also should deepen the bond among three departments, which are the procurement and supply department, the external relations department, and the business...

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