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Choosing a Communication Medium

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Choosing a Communication Medium

Many companies are using computer mediated communication for training and updating their employees. They must choose the most effective and efficient manner of communication. Effective and efficient may be defined as achieving the communication goal while considering budget and time restraints.

Consider the following scenario:
Your company has 21 offices around the world. None of the members will ever meet face-to-face because of geographical dispersion and scheduling conflicts. They have formed a team of one representative from each office to determine the method of marketing and new product training and to develop the training content. Due to the cost of travel and the large number of individuals that need to be trained, the training will never take place face-to-face.

This training consists of: • Information about a new software application that will make your company more competitive. This information is available from the vendor and your IT department. • Information about the company’s most recent products. This information will come from the marketing department at headquarters. • Information about the competition’s products. This information is available from three different marketing groups located in New York, Tokyo, and London. • Successful sales methods that have been used by the different locations. This information is available from seven different locations that recently were given the “Best Of The Best Marketing Awards.”

Your boss has asked that you work with this team. He has asked you for a preliminary report prior to the first meeting.

Answer the following questions:
1. Explain the different communication mediums the team could use to communicate.
2. Which computer mediated communication methods would you recommend for the training? Defend your answer.
3. Since the information for the training is from so many different sources, how will the content for the training be gathered and delivered?

Deliverables and Format:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document. Your completed document should be approximately 300–450 words.
Font: Arial; 12 point
Line Spacing: Double
Due Date: By the end of this week.

|Check It First |( |
|Did you determine all the communication mediums the team could use to accomplish their tasks? | |
|Did you identify appropriate CMC methods? | |
|Did you defend your choice of CMC methods? | |
|Did you consider how the content for the training would be gathered and delivered? | |
|Did you use proper terminology? | |

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