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Chosen Careers

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Stephanie Duncan

Project Part I – Chosen Career

April 11, 2015

December 2014, I started going to school at ITT Technical Institute for network

systems administrator (NSA). My graduation day will be in September 2016. Before I

started my College education, it was a toss-up between nursing and network

systems administrator. I chose not to do nursing because my husband is disabled and with

his disability, his immune system is low. Throughout the last 26 years of marriage, we’ve

always had a computer. I was always the one that would tinker with the computer to see

what was wrong, if we were having issues. It always interested me to see the workings

of a computer.

A network systems administrator is a high demanding position nowadays, especially

since everything is going to technology. Working as an NSA, I’ll be able to maintain the

network system that my employer has. The position of an NSA should not be taken

lightly. The workload involves dealing with servers, hardware, software, work stations,

and telecommunication networks. Besides identifying network problems, NSAs also

deal with the upkeep of the system. For instance, upgrading system products, keep up

to date on the latest technology, have properly functioning email, internet, and software

programs used in the company.

Network and computer systems administrator jobs often require a bachelor’s degree,

typically in computer or information science, although sometimes a degree in computer

engineering or electrical engineering is acceptable. It would be helpful to have computer

programming, networking or systems design. Some businesses require that an

administrator get a master’s degree, while others are willing to accept an associate

degree or professional certification along with related work experience.…...

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