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Chrismas in the Kalahari

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Christmas in the Kalahari
Richard Borshay Lee
By Bradley Potulney

The Bushmen are teaching humility in their Christmas celebration is talked about in this paper. All of this information was leaned from Richard Lee’s article eating Christmas in the Kalahari. I also talk about the signs of socialization that are shown in the tribe and how this is a demonstration of Gemeinschaft and about the differences between Mechanical and Organic Social Solidarity and how it occurs in their tribe and their values in this article. The symbol of status is mentioned in this article of both how they view it and how America views it.
This is a story of Richard Lee the author, and the anthropologist in this article that is learning about the Kung Bushmen’s culture. In this African tribe they have their own kind of Christmas in December and show how they responded to him in their tribe. This tribe is not only uses socialization but it is what they uses to set their status of mechanical social solidarity, and Gemeinschaft to support themselves. It was also interesting how he studied their hunting and gathering methods, Richard Lee did not help them with any of these activities even though the they barley had a day’s worth of food on stocked up. But his approach is what got us the most information about the Bushmen. So he thought a way he could repay the tribe for letting him in on their culture for a year he would buy them an ox for their feast for Christmas in December. He bought the biggest most and most beautiful ox available to feed the entire tribe. But after buying it many people of the tribe start complaining to him, “That sack of guts and bones will barley feed once camp, let alone all the Bushmen!” (Lee 1-2) Richard thought it was the most beautiful ox there but yet none of the Bushmen appreciated it and all they did was complain. Richard learned that it was a…...

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