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Why We Should Study Theology

THEO 3303

Instructor Leland

Melissa Jones

3 November 2013

Although many do not think studying theology is very important, there are many reasons why someone should look into studying Theology. In this paper I will be discussing what theology is, and why someone should look into studying Theology. There are many benefits to studying Theology. Let me begin by asking, “what is theology?” Theology is the study of God and all his works. (Grudem pg. 13) Theology is not only meant to be learned. It is meant to be lived and taught to others. God wants everyone to learn His word. By studying Theology the student is becoming more familiar with the word of God. By studying Theology we can learn from previous mistakes that were made by others. When we study theology we become more aware of what is considered to be the right and wrong things to do. By becoming more aware we choose to make better decisions. While studying theology the student becomes more aware of the fact that there are consequences to his or her actions. By knowing this he or she is less eager to do something wrong. Also, studying theology lets us know how God wants us to think. God does not want to have sin in our minds and thoughts. He wants us to become stronger in His word. He also wants us to teach everyone the message He is telling us in His word. Everything we learn by studying Theology we can apply to our daily lives. The Biblical writers consistently apply their teaching to life. (Grudem pg. 19) By learning His word we become stronger in His word and then we are able to teach others what His word says. Certain aspects of the Bible are important for people to learn. Many should know about the idea of the Trinity. This is the idea that God is three persons. The three persons are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Although they are three persons,...

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