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Christian Leadership

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Christian Leadership

Intro: Our Purpose as Leaders
• Often hear not everyone is a leader some are followers…..explain we really are both
Well we are called to lead our families and others to Jesus…and we are also called to be followers of Jesus… so it is both
Leaders tend to have certain characteristics here is 3 I believe are essential to every leader.
1. A leader has a defined Purpose…. A reason for living… they have an (It)

Explain Mine: Before I knew what life was all about I was neck deep in it….
We go from being toddlers crawling and smelling like crayons,… to swinging bats, and throwing balls, going to school learning how to read and write…….at then at some point we realize that guys aren’t girls, toys aren’t fun anymore, people are not always who they say they are, and words do hurt….. And We learn along the way ...... That there is more to it than ice cream socials, birthday parties, and ballgames….. IT is bigger than high school, text books, and teachers…..we learn that the party’s end, people change, and life is not always easy…… and we realize that this (It) is called Life….. and this one is yours there will be a first day a last day…. and a few thousand in-between….and no one has your version of it…… and you will never bump into you on the street no one has your exact lineage loves and longings…. you cannot be recycled …..

And maybe at a funeral of a loved one, maybe at graduation, or a wedding…maybe at the birth of a child….we realize that there is something bigger than us all and I have to decide what my Life is going to be about! What is my it!

Happened when I was 17 attending to Funerals in the span of 6 months both classmates of mine…God began to reveal to ne it was time to start being who I was created to be and that is simply this….A person who loved God and People more than...

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