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Christianity the Largest Religion

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Christianity- The Largest Religion


“Universal Online Solutions”, presents a series of short articles on different religions. A Jew might contain more information on the Judaism. Same could be predicted about the followers of other religions. Then why to compose an article on any religion? That is for the two major reasons:

First, all people do not have sufficient information on their own faith. It needs a lot of research to know about a religion. Some people manage to spend the required time and do the needed research. Majority cannot or do not concentrate on the religion. They have the faith because their predecessors had the same. A Christian child follows Christianity without any persuasion. This series will give the major information to its followers which they never struggled to obtain. The article will provide them all the necessary information about their faith in a concise nutshell. Efforts have been made, after extensive research work, to establish the basics of a faith, its worships, prayers, rituals, its history and all interrelated information in one thousand words or so. We have spent weeks in research to introduce this faith to our readers in its fullest context, enabling them to know all about their faith in a few minutes.

Second, the individuals who are interested to know about other religions; but refrain to go through scriptures and revelations. This concise article will be of great interest to them. The article is neither a critical nor a comprehensive study of any faith. Nevertheless it contains full contextual information of the faith.

Criticism or the commendation is invited and open heartedly appreciated. Your remarks would encourage us to continue with our endeavors.


PREFACE 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Table Of Figures 5 CHRISTIANITY – The Largest Religion 6 1. Introduction 6 2....

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