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Liberal Arts Education Imagine the CEO of an accounting firm deciding between two people for an important new job position. His choices are between someone who went to a school specifically directed toward a business or accounting major, and someone who went to a liberal arts college directed towards a certain major, as well as general education classes. He will most likely choose the latter, because of the person’s ability to excel in business and accounting, but also to be proficient in other social and non-business related skills. The combination of receiving a good liberal arts education, attending Aquinas College, and then applying both to my life will assist me in creating a successful future with a professional career. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, liberal arts is defined as “college or university studies (as language, philosophy, literature, abstract science) intended to provide chiefly general knowledge and to develop general intellectual capacities (as reason and judgement) as opposed to professional or vocational skills” (Merriam-Webster). Students who receive a liberal arts education become knowledgable and skilled in many areas of study, rather than one specific topic. They become prepared to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. A liberal arts education does not necessarily include professional, vocational, or technical curriculum; rather, provides students with a broad knowledge of the world, as well as an in-depth study of one area. The educational program at Aquinas College combines studies in language, math, social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, majors, minors, and professional areas of study, therefore qualifying itself as a liberal arts college. Aquinas College holds several values to the utmost importance, some of which include prayer, study, community, and service. Spending four, or more, years at...

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