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In the end, Scrooge is worthy of redemption. Discuss

By the end of A Christmas Carol, the main protagonist, Scrooge, is worthy of redemption. For someone with such wealth, Scrooge was an unusually morose and unhappy character, particularly at Christmas. At the start, Scrooge was unhallowed and resolute in his views about Christmas, and would not be persuaded that it was a time for kindness and merriment. However as the novel progresses, Scrooge changes his ways and displays qualities of a good person. His benevolence, kindness and generosity make him worthy of redemption. Scrooge finally makes up for his mistakes and become more friendly and charitable. This is largely as a result of the four ghosts’ visitations and his experiences with them. His witnessing the past, present and future have impacted towards changing his personality.

Scrooge’s visitations with the three ghosts changed the way he viewed people and taught him about kindness and respects. During Marley’s visit, Scrooge listens to all the hardships Marley endured while he was busy making money in unscrupulous ways. Marley hopes to save Scrooge from sharing the same fate. He tells Scrooge that he didn't learn until he became a ghost that charity and kindness were the important aspects of living, but by then it was too late. He informs Scrooge that three spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future will visit him during each of the next three nights. Dickens uses the invention of Christmas Spirits to elucidate (clarify, explain) on Scrooge’s past and his future should he continue in his evil, misanthropic ways. These ghosts showed him how to connect with his emotions by reflecting on the past and future. When Scrooge pleads “show me no more… why do you delight to torture me” he displayed apprehension, while other times he continued on and followed the ghosts’ request. Another example is...

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