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Christmas Time

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Christmas Time When you look outside and all you see is a blanket of white, it usually means it is Christmas time. The leaves have all been stolen from the trees, the sidewalks are barely visible, the heating bill skyrockets and your frustration levels rise from attempting to untangle seemingly endless strands of Christmas lights. The color of dead pine needles cover the living room carpet, the scent of a freshly baked goodies and pine fills the air as you open your front door. These are all parts of Christmas that make it such a unique and memorable holiday. Family is something that Christmas would not be the same without. Christmas is exponentially fun for me because I get to see all of my family and have a great time with them as well. One of my favorite people to spend Christmas with was my Uncle Ed who unfortunately passed away just before Christmas in 2005. He always made my Christmas seasons extra special. Every year Uncle Ed would purchase an unknown amount of scratch off lottery tickets to give as gifts to me, my family and his friends. He always placed two of them in each envelope and handed them out to my dad, grandmother, aunt, great aunt, and step mom until he passed away. The best year by far for the lottery tickets was in 2004. It was the year that I won big! I had picked the best envelope ever, the Grand Daddy, as I like to call it. When I scratched off those tickets my eyes lit up and all I could do was jump up and down while screaming from the excitement! I had won a total of seven-hundred dollars! That Christmas had to be one of the greatest ever because the “high-rolling” tradition had finally paid out for me!

Aside from getting us lottery tickets every year, Uncle Ed was just an all-around great person. He was always smiling and enjoying Christmas with me and everyone else. He had a passion for cats and had quite a few of his own. He...

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