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Christmas Vacay

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Maria Ina L. Elnar January 3, 2013 Rel 12-

My Christmas Vacation

My Christmas break turned out to be better than expected. Well I didn’t really accomplish anything but it was relatively fun compared to my previous Christmases. Every day (except for probably 2 days) I woke up at around 11 AM to 1PM, have lunch, go online, sleep again, go online some more, watch the same movies over again and sleep at around 2 AM to 4AM. I guess I’m just making up for the sleepless nights. I know, still very unproductive and very unhealthy of me but going out isn’t always fun for me. So that’s what I did most of the break. On Christmas Eve, my family went to church for the mass (we always do this because my father is very religious) and then after that we headed back home and feasted on the Noche Buena that my mother didn’t exactly make but worked hard in ordering. We ate and ate and ate. There are only five people in our household plus my parents aren’t exactly the fun type of people so it wasn’t exactly a fun Christmas (as usual) but there was food so that saves everything. Oh and the priest went to our house to have dinner and it was awkward (hehehe). After eating, the second or third round I think, we exchanged gifts! Not really exchanged because my sister and I were the only ones who actually bought gifts since my parents gave us our presents 2 months ago. That was how we always celebrate Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, we went to my cousin’s sister-in-law’s apartment. We welcomed 2013 there. There was lechon! And lots of good food too which is always always the part I look forward to. We had fircrackers and my cousins and aunts and nieces and nephews were there and it was surprisingly fun. My family and I usually celebrate New Year like how we celebrate Christmas so for it to be different was really cool. We attended the mass for New Year’s Eve on...

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