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Chromogens Affecting Wealth Wear Staining Teeth

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Many people wonder why their own teeth stain so easily. The enamel on your teeth and chromogens are what stains your teeth, but what exact beverage stains teeth the most? I chose this topic because I was curious to know what stains teeth the most. It affects us daily because it could rot your teeth or you can’t pick up hot chicks anymore. So what causes teeth to stain? The temperature causes teeth to expand or contract making it easier for stains. So hot and cold drinks affect that. Color in foods and beverages come from chromogens. Chromogens are intensely pigmented compounds that stick to teeth enamel. Chromogens cause a lot of trouble when they mix and react with other stain causing and stain promoting factors. Tannis may be natural or synthetic tannis is another …show more content…
Not only sodas bad but also Gatorade. Beets are bad for you also. Mostly cause they’re concentrated. Berries dark skins stain teeth. Ketchup is also really bad because of its bright red color and high levels of acid. Dark liquids and sauces you put on your foods also stain teeth. Colored candy and popsicles both contain colorants that will transfer to the teeth and embed in the porous enamel. Fruit juices, especially grape and cranberry, leave a colorful tinge on the teeth and tongue. Colored sodas instantly discolor teeth. The citric acids can erode enamel and the regular soda is packed with sugar which promotes tooth decay. Red wine has a deep red/purple color and its tannis will ensure that part of that color will be left behind on your teeth. Tea has equal staining power as coffee and it is drank at different temperatures so whichever temp you want to drink it at doesn’t matter because it will stain just as much. Because of coffees dark texture, it is one of the worst drinks for staining teeth. Colored food and beverages are absorbed by your teeth and stains become embedded and that can lead to a yellow tinge. Grape juice is also really bad for your

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