Chronic Diseases

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The disease I chose is stoke risk, a stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack” it is in some way related to having a heart attack. The most common stroke happens when a blood vessel that feeds your brain becomes blocked, for example a thrombus or blood clot. With the sudden reduction in blood supply to the brain it causes injury to the brain tissue. Sometimes the damage is permanent or sometimes it is temporarily and it resolves itself within a twenty four hour period. A rare and less common stroke is called a hemorrhagic stroke; this is when one of the blood vessels in your brain breaks open. This is caused by the lack of blood where it is needed and too much blood where it does not belong. Stroke is one of the most common causes of death in both men and women, accounting in about 8% of all deaths. It is proven that women are twice as likely to die from a stroke as of having breast cancer. It is also the main cause of disability leading to paralysis and not having the ability to write or speak. Some of the risk factors include genetics, family history, and environmental exposure or behaviors from the past such as, tobacco smoke. Some lifestyle choices I can make to decrease my chance of having a stroke are, avoid tobacco smoke, eat more fruits and vegetables, get enough physical activity, maintain stress, and avoid alcohol. Adding some more fiber into my diet and adding some fish to my diet will help decrease my chances also. With having so many risk factors play a role in if I am a canidate for a stroke I know what I need to do be doing now to decrease my chances of having a stroke. When people have a stroke its sad and depressing to see someone who was once able to write and speak, then the next day are unable to do what they once did. So I know that knowing how to avoid being like this I am going to make a big change in my life. Starting with…...