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Chronic Headache Patients Essay

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Chronic headache patients are often referred by general medical practitioners to a specialized headache clinic for treatment. The Calgary Headache Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) under Alberta Health Services is one such specialized clinic that offers workshops, lectures and education geared towards the headache patients [11]. CHAMP teaches headache patients all the necessary skills to manage their own headaches. In an introductory and mandatory headache education session by CHAMP, headache patients are introduced and encouraged to track headache data using a headache diary to understand patterns of their headaches [12]. Collecting and analyzing headache data is particularly useful for people with chronic headaches, whose headache attacks usually occur in response to unidentified triggers [30]. Usually, headache …show more content…
Self-monitoring (or self-tracking) is an activity of recording one’s own behaviors, thoughts or feelings [34]. The self-monitoring process involves individuals’ collecting and reflecting on personal data. Thus, self-monitoring of chronic headaches also depend on effective data collection and analysis of collected data. The CHAMP headache diary allows patients to track headache severity, medication intake, menstrual cycles, overall disability due to headache and perceived headache triggers (sample in Figure 1.1). A headache patient usually tracks only the factors that they assume to trigger their headaches. The problem with perceived triggers is the fact that they are completely based on guesswork of the patient. The perception can go wrong since associativity of perceived headache trigger with headache attack is not based on temporal analysis and identifying triggers is complex due to headache trigger characteristics mentioned in the previous

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