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Chronic Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America is a huge issue in our nation today, with an array of causes and effects. There are many reasons why people become homeless.They are unable to afford their rent so they have no place to go but the streets. A complete solution to homelessness has yet to be found. But, activists have came up with many alternatives for example like affordable housing and homeless shelters. Alarmingly twenty-two percent of people in shelters were children. There are a lot more statistics like this that just wanna make you cringe. But, they are receiving shelter and food so that is a great alternative than sleeping on the streets. Although this isn't a complete solution to the issue of homelessness we are getting closer to a final solution. Homelessness has gradually become a …show more content…
“ A person who is chronically homeless is an unaccompanied homeless. individual with a disabling condition. -who has either been continuously homeless for a year or more, or has had at least four 4 episodes of homelessness in the past three years.”( A person who is experiencing chronic homelessness are more liable and exposed to mental illnesses and diseases. Due to this they are constantly using emergency services that are provided.
Homelessness can cause a serious toll on people. It is such a traumatic experience that if they do get off the streets they can never unsee what they saw. Illness is the biggest effect on homeless people.
Mental illness affects over twenty-five percent of the homeless population. There are five main mental illness’ that are the biggest among the homeless depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addictive behaviors. Depression are feelings of severe sadness and grief. Anxiety disorders can make someone fear something and cause them to tremble. Gone untreated these illness’ can cause an early

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