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Chronic Pain Syndrome Research Paper

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What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?
Chronic pain syndrome is a condition that occurs when you have experienced extreme pain for longer than three months and the pain doesn’t respond to the usual techniques for pain management. Depending on the cause of your pain, it pain may either remain constant or occur intermittently. For many people with chronic pain syndrome, the pain becomes both a physical as well as a mental burden. If you are dealing with chronic pain syndrome, it is important to work closely with your primary care physician and your chiropractor in order to find a treatment for lasting relief. One of the most important parts of treatment is learning about the cause of this condition, knowing the symptoms and seeking pain management Lexington Kentucky.
Symptoms of Chronic Pain
When asking “what is chronic pain”, it is important …show more content…
Chronic pain may lead to other symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, poor sleep, substance abuse, irritability and even suicidal thoughts.
Causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome
Chronic pain is commonly experienced in the back and/or neck due to a degenerative spine condition that is caused by the natural aging process. A degenerative spine condition may cause your spine to shift out of alignment and press against spinal nerves. When a nerve is pinched, pain signals are being sent from the root of the nerve in your spine to your brain, sometimes along the entire nerve pathway. Common degenerative spine conditions that may cause chronic pain syndrome include:
Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
Bulging or herniated disc
Arthritis of the spine
Bone spurs
Chronic Pain and Chiropractic

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