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This class that I took was an excellent class. I first came in extremely nervous and wasn’t expecting what I will have to do. We were given case studies and were required to go up and speak to the class. At first, I was very nervous, and I would jumble up words. I also lost track of what I was going to say. I was mainly worried about what my audience would think about me when I would be speaking. This is a bad idea when you have to talk, and we learned from Mrs. Ghosalkar that we have to let our fears go and be confident in ourselves. We had great topics that we discussed about. They were about rejection, self-esteem and criticism. During the time we learned about rejection, I understood that I should take rejection of any kind positively and look at it as a way I can improve myself on. After we learned about criticism, I also told myself that criticism only pushes you forward to get better at something you did badly on. But my favorite topic was self-esteem. I learned that I need to have confidence in myself to achieve anything in the future. I cannot put my head down because people disagree with me. I have to ignore those people and say to myself that confidence is what takes you forward in life. As I look upon myself from when I first started the class, and the finishing of the class, I feel that I have gained much more confidence in myself. After every class that we learn something, I put that into daily life. Some examples would be when a teacher wants a volunteer for something, I now step up first instead of staying back and letting the moment go away. I learned that there will be no second chances in life. One choice can change the future. Mrs. Ghosalkar is a great teacher and public speaker. She was great at teaching us new things that we should have in order to be successful. Since she has a lot of experience of public speaking, she was able to give great...

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