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One to three sentences to introduce what had been done. The procedures is in the lab manual. So, do not rewrite the procedures. More than that is wasting your time and the lab instructor’s time☺.
A brief explanation of the physics principle used in the experiment and later explains how the result demonstrated a physics principle. Use the important data and results (Table) to demonstrate the physic principle. Do not include all the list of each and every number on the data sheet. Note that final numerical values include an estimate of uncertainty (example:
The average spring constant is XXX±XX Nm-1).
Explain how the independent variables affected the dependent variables, you may use equations provided and show the dependent/independent variables.
Analysis of graph: shape of curve, for a straight line, the meaning of slope and intercept for your graph. You do not have to explain how they agree if you show the numbers or refer to a
Table; but do not write that values agree without some reference.
Sources of error are offered that are consistent with the experimental results. You may offer a suggestion for improving the experiment, but it must focus on the most prominent error and be consistent with the sources of errors. This is not a place to “trash” the experiment.

If there’s a part 2 in the experiment
A brief introduction to part 2 and some simple explanations of the physics principle used in the experiment and how the result demonstrated a physics principle. Basically similar to the format above, but no need to repeat what you have already discussed.

A brief conclusion.
Answers to Questions (if any).
You may include sources if you get the theory from somewhere else (do not perform a direct copy paste from the sources, example: books and from the internet).

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