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Brief to design a Company Logo for a Start up business

This provides a brief to develop a logo for an Australian company that intends to market and sell Cider.

The Australian Cider market represents about 3% of the Australian beer and Cider market in volume terms (this is approx 4 million cases).

Though a relatively small category overall, the Cider market has enjoyed strong sales growth over the past 3 – 4 years (some estimates have the market growth at +30% CAGAR since 2007). The market value is approx. $130 million.

Traditionally, Cider has a poor image in Australia. This is a function of underdeveloped product, process and styles as well as poor quality ingredients used in manufacturing.

The newfound popularity of Cider in Australia echoes a global trend and this new demand is underpinned by a requirement for a premium product. The consumer’s appetite for premium product is being met by imported brands (eg Rekordling), and new local craft brands entering the market – while the larger players (Foster’s – with it’s Bulmers brand) are improving their offering.

New Company Objective
Our objective is to create a new Cider Company to compete in the Premium/ craft end of the Cider market.

We have identified an apple producing area that will be the platform for the company name and where the company will be located and registered.

This area is Bilpin. It is a small town 93KM west of Sydney on the way to the Blue Mountains. Bilpin is locally known as “The Land of the mountain apple”

The name of the company will be “Bilpin Cider Company”.

Through the location and the name and subsequent sourcing of local fruit, we are underpinning our consumer proposition with the following:

* Tradition * Heritage * Quality * Purity / organic / healthy / wellness

Objective of this brief
The specific requirement of this brief is to develop a company logo around the name “Bilpin Cider Company”.

The design must achieve the following:

* Prominently and clearly display the name “Bilpin Cider Company” * Visuals must achieve the following * Make the name synonymous with apples * Imply quality * Generate a sense of tradition and heritage around the name * Underpin the basis of the company as a “craft” brand.

Above all the mark needs to be distinctive and needs to distinguish itself from any other goods and services that use the name “Bilpin”.

Target Market for end product
The Bilpin Cider Company will initially sell apple based Cider with a view to extending to a pear based “Perry” product (fermented pear) in year 2.

The target market for the apple cider product will be Male / Females 25+ with high disposable income and white collar bias.

In terms of consumer “needs States” – our product will be targeted at those consumers who want quality / craft products and have a disdain for flashy short term needs. Composure would their state.

Some information on Bilpin
Bilpin is a small town on the historic “Bells line of Rd” in the Blue Mountains region, 93Km west of Sydney.

Bilpin is known as the “land of the mountain apple”. Fruit orchards and beautiful gardens thrive in the fertile soil. Bilpin apples and apple juice are well known throughout Australia. There are no Cider brands currently coming out of Bilpin.

The town of Bilpin was originally named after Archibald Bell (Bilpin = “Bell’s Pinnacle). Bell was an adventurer who crossed into the Blue Mountains at the age of 19 in 1823.

The population of Bilpin is approx. 700 people. It has on restaurant which is well known and respected for quality dining – it is called “The Apple Bar”.

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