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Cigarettes Should Be Banned or Not

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Should cigarettes be made illegal?

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Background of the study 3 1.2 Cigarettes themselves should not be illegal. 4 2. Conclusion 4 References 6

1. Introduction
If we think for a moment why people in our society smokes? Despite of the fact that it has extreme and awful effects and there are no particular reasons that it must be legal for anybody. Heart disease, cancers and lung disease are only few of the hundreds of harmful impacts of smoking. What amazes me is why anybody would like to smoke if they truly know how it annihilates their body, also why society wants to keep it legal in any case. In this article, I would say smoking must be made illegal. Various people argue that smoking must not be banned; perhaps the reason is that it’s their personal freedom since smoking is exceptionally addictive and individuals get to be dependent to it. So we will find out in this essay that what makes them saying this. However, if what just leaves smoking is joy, shouldn't the government set health over delight?

2.1 Background of the study
Around 400,000 deaths every year in U.S. alone are due to smoking ailments. Why might somebody even get a cigarette without focusing the effects it can cause him or her? Banning of cigarettes must be made legal as cigarettes are an addicting and effective drug which is extremely unsafe to the individuals who smoke them, to the people who like to inhale the second hand smoke, as well as to the environment.
Cigarette is a kind of drug and smoking the cigarette has around 4,000 chemical ingredients and more than 30 of them are identified as the reason of cancer in people. Few specialists said that usually it’s not the nicotine which kills but these different chemicals....

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