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Cinderella Stories

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Cinderella Stories Lesson Plan
Sherryl Green
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October 8, 2012

Lesson Plan
Cinderella Stories

ABSTRACT In this study of Cinderella Stories, second grade students will use charts and diagrams to discover the similarities and differences among stories. Students will develop writing skills using descriptive language and details. They will strengthen their comprehension skills through the use of magical Cinderella tales from different lands and apply map skills in learning which country each story comes from. These magical tales will help students to develop awareness that different Cinderella tales have much in common.

Class comparison Chart
Graphic Organizers:
Venn Diagram
Sequencing Chart
Compare and Contrast
My Favorite Part Handout
Book Mark Template
World Map
Map pins

Book collection
The Rough-Faced Girl by Rafe Martin
A Golden Slipper” A Vietnamese Legend by Darrell H.Y. Yum
Chinye: A West African Folk Tale by Obi Onyefulu
Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China by Ai-Ling Louie
The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo
The Irish Cinderella by Shirley Climo
The Way Meat Loves Salt:A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition adapted by
Jewell Reinhart Coburn
The Golden Saddle: A Middle Eastern Cinderella by Rebecca Hickox
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe
The Irish Cinderlad by Shirley Climo

Lesson 1

Key Vocabulary
Country — a small part of a continent with its own borders and government
Landmark—an object in a landscape that can be seen from far away
Title — the name of a book, movie, song or other work
Fairy Tale — a make believe children’s story about magic, fairies, giants, witches, or talking animals.
1. Ask and discuss “What is a Fairly Tale?” 2. Tell students we will be reading several Cinderella stories over the next several days. We will be comparing the characters, where they live, and learning about story elements. Story elements include the setting, plot, conflict, climax and resolution. 3. In pairs have students write everything they know about the story of Cinderella. Set a timer for three minutes for this activity. 4. Discuss lists in a whole group and write the student responses on the board. 5. Read aloud and interactive discussion of story elements using computer and projector.

6. The students will be taken to the computer lab to access the interactive website. Review the story elements and take an interactive assessment to be printed after completion.

7. Create a class chart to be used to compare 4 Cinderella Stories
Title setting
Author Plot
Illustrator Climax
Date of Publication Resolution
Culture or Country Magic

Reading and Writing 1. Students will write a character analysis of Cinderella and draw an illustration.
Independent Reading 1. Complete the “My Favorite Part “ handout using the traditional Cinderella Story.
Literature Circles 1. Each Literature Group will be given a Cinderella Story to read and a container of questions. 2. After reading the story group members one at a time will draw a question from the container to read and answer.
Assessment and Evaluation • The students will be assessed on class and literature group participation • Students will be assessed on the completion of the “My Favorite Part” and character analysis.

Lesson 2 • The students will identify the elements of a story. • The students will analyze similarities and differences of Cinderella like characters. • Students will demonstrate their understanding of story elements by writing their own Cinderella story.
1. Ask students “What makes a Cinderella story?”
Discuss what every Cinderella story must have.
Explain to students that many countries have their own Cinderella Stories. Today we will read a Cinderella story about an Indian Girl. We will look at the differences and similarities compared to the Traditional Cinderella. 2. Review story elements using the Cinderella chart. 3. Read aloud: The Rough Faced Girl. 4. As a class add The Rough-Faced Girl story elements and information to the class Cinderella Chart 5. Locate Ontario Canada on the world map and place a map pin identifying its location.
Reading and Writing 1. Divide students into peer partners to compare and contrast Cinderella and The Rough-Faced Girl using a Venn Diagram.
Independent Reading 1. Make a book mark for “The Rough-Faced Girl” using the book mark template.

Literature Groups 1. Students work in literature groups to research a country of their choice, and write a Cinderella story from that country. Remind students to consider how the setting and plot will change due to the unique features of the chosen country. 2. Literature groups will present their country and Cinderella story in a presentation format of their choice. (Literature poster, Readers Theater using props, Power Point, or art form.) 3. Each group will place a map pin on a class map to identify their country.
This project will take several days.
Assessment and Evaluation • Students will be assessed by observation on class and literature circle participation. • Students will be assessed on the completion of the Venn Diagram.
Lesson 3 • The students will sequence the plot of a Cinderella story. • The students will identify story elements of a Cinderella story.
Key Vocabulary
Orphan – a child whose parents are dead
Unpleasant – not pleasant
Grief – intense sorrow
Horror – a strong feeling of fear
Dread – to anticipate with great fear Beauteous – physical attraction
Transformation – the state of being changed
Precious – highly prized
1. Discuss and review class chart. 2. Read aloud and discuss Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China • What do you think Yeh- Shen’s life is like? • Do you think she is a happy? • How does her stepmother treat her? • What becomes her friend? • Why does Yeh- Shen begin talking to the bones of her fish? • Why does Yeh- Shen take the slipper from the pavilion?

3. As a class identify and add the story elements and information to the class chart. 4. Locate China on the world map and place a map pin to identify the locations.
Reading and Writing 1. Have students working with their peer partner to sequence the plot of Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. 2. Working a peer partner, using a story outline planner, students will write a Cinderella story having characters, setting and events based on their own surroundings and interests. For example, if a student enjoys football they should make their Cinderella story introducing characters, events or gatherings based on football.
Literature circles
Literature circles will continue to research their country and prepare for presentations.
Assessment and Evaluation • The students will be assessed by observation on their class and group participation. • The students will be assessed on the completion of a story sequence. • The students will be assessed on their writing using a rubric.
Lesson 4
The students will identify plots, characters, and settings of a story.
1. Read aloud and discuss The Egyptian Cinderella. 2. As a class identify and add story elements and information from the Egyptian Cinderella to the class chart.
Story Cards
Cinderella Story Titles
Character names from each Cinderella story
Setting description for each story
Conflicts from each Cinderella story
Resolutions from each Cinderella Story
What’s the Magic from each Cinderella Story?
Country/Origin for each Cinderella Story
1. Divide students into peer partners. Giver each student a story card from one of the Cinderella stories read. 2. The teacher describes an element from a story and the students with that element places it under the correct story title.
Assessment and Evaluation • Students will be assessed by their participation during this activity.
Lesson 5
Students will identify compare and contrast characters, setting, and plots in two Cinderella stories.
Book: The Irish Cinderlad by Shirley Climo
Story comparison T-chart
1. Read aloud The Irish Cinderlad
Discussion: Is Cinderlad still a Cinderella story? 2. As a class add the story elements and information to the class chart. 3. Have students use a T-Chart to compare the characters, setting, and plots of The Irish Cinderlad to one of the other Cinderella stories.
Reading and Writing 1. Students will choose their favorite Cinderella story and write a different ending to the story using descriptive details.
Independent Reading 1. Self-Select a book about another culture. 2. After reading the book, tell your partner what you thought was the most interesting part of the culture.
Literature Circles
Literature Circle groups will finalize their presentations to be shared with the class tomorrow.
Assessment and Evaluation • Students will be assessed by observation of class participation. • Students will be on the completion of the T-chart comparison. • Students will be assessed on the writing of an original Cinderella story using a rubric.
Lesson 6 • The students will create a bar graph. • The students will use articulately and audibly used appropriate language, correct usage, enunciation and volume when presenting to a group. • The students will write a different ending to a story using descriptive details.
1. Students will vote on their favorite Cinderella Story. The votes are then placed on a class Cinderella Graph.
Literature Group Presentations
Assessment and Evaluation • Students will be assessed by the use of a rubric when presenting a group project.

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