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Ciommunication Is Complex

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Communication is Complex
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COM 200 Interpersonal Communications
Joan Golding
March 4, 2013

Communication is Complex

Although we are all different in our cognitive abilities, our mind and the mental processes of awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment, make humans different from other animalsn There is a inheredited A FUNDAMENTAL, powerful, and universal need or desire among humans to interact with others. As expressed by Afifi and Guerrero (2000:170): 'There is a long history of research establishing the importance that individuals placeon connectedness… individuals' needs for initiating, developing and maintaining social ties especially close ones, is reflected in a litany of studies and a host of theories.' The mere presenceof another has been shown to be arousing and motivating and this in turn influences our behaviour-a process termed compresence (Burgoon et al., 1996). We behave differently in the company of another person from when alone. When we meet others we are 'onstage' and so give a performance that differs from how we behave 'offstage'.

We also enjoy interacting, and indeed the act of engaging in facilitative interpersonal communication has been shown to contribute to positive changes in emotional state (Gable and Shean, 2000). While our dealings with others can sometimes be problematic or even contentious, we also seek, relish, and obtain great reward from social interaction.
Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication”
“Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” is an article written in U.S. News & World Report in 2011. The article attempts to convince its readers that strangers communicate better than close friends communicate or married couples. The first premise is as people get closer in their relationships that " closeness can cause people to overestimate how well they...

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