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2007Citizenship Review

Toward a Committed Cirque

Toward aCommitted Cirque
2007 Citizenship Review
A star shines for Cirque du Soleil. It has already given us much and it offers us even more. Sharing this star is working with passion and love to build a better world.

The year 2007 premiered in the same year.

was rich and bountiful for Cirque

du Soleil throughout the world. More than 10 million people saw a

performance by Cirque in one of the 200 cities we visited during this period. And for the first time in nearly a decade, two new Cirque du Soleil shows

KOOZA™ has been thrilling North American audiences under the blue-and-yellow Big Top since its premiere in the spring of 2007. Born of the fertile imagination of director David Shiner, a Cirque du Soleil ® stalwart in the earliest days of the company, KOOZA reaches back to the deepest roots of the circus to bring to life the eternal confrontation between fear and awe during the course of an incredible, wild journey. Meanwhile, Wintuk™ is a heartwarming winter tale, recounting the journey of a young boy who wants to bring snow and joy to the heart of a grey winter. This first-ever seasonal show from Cirque du Soleil was presented in the WAMU Theatre at Madison Square Garden during November and December. This show is the beginning of a real Holiday tradition between Cirque and the city of New York. Not to be outdone, our arena shows have enjoyed similar success: Saltimbanco™ which , closed in 2006, was revived in a revitalized production in 2007. The transition from big top to arena has enabled us to win new audiences in North American cities where we have never been able to present our productions before. 2007 has also been a year of new markets. While our big tops went up for the first time in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and mainland China, our show DELIRIUM took us to Scandinavia...

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