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Cis 150 Case Study

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Case Report #1

Names: James J. Parrott, Daniel Dadi, Kevin Kleier
Case: 2.4 – (Jake Baker)
Course: CIS150-01
Date: October 2nd, 2011

1) Identify in a couple of sentences the “ethical dilemma” (or ethical question) inherent in the Case selected. Pose an open-ended question that generates many possible answers, not just a question that can be simply answered with a “yes” or “no” response.

The ethical dilemma in the Jake Baker case concerns our nation’s most fought for and prided amendment, the freedom of speech. The main issue we, a society, face in this case is the right to feel safe and when does that become violated? We should use our best judgment to distinguish when someone is exercising their first amendment right or if they are stepping over the boundaries into life-threatening remarks. The question we would like to pose is “When should we deem a statement life-threatening?”

2) Identify in a couple of sentences the specific information technology (I.T) components that create the special circumstances for the Case you have selected.

Information technology has allowed us to share thoughts and ideas to anyone virtually anywhere as long as they have a computer or a PDA with internet connectivity. This plays a huge role in this case because Jake Baker has found someone whom has his same interest in unique sexual fantasies and is able to communicate with them through the internet. Jake uses three types of IT components which are e-mail, internet and USENET. He uses e-mail to send and receive messages to an internet user by the name of Arthur Gonda. He uses the internet as a medium for communication and to post his ideas, and he also uses USENET, which is a worldwide bulletin board system that can be accessed through the internet medium.

3) List four critical stakeholders in the selected Case and identify an important “right” for each of them....

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