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Cis 550, Term Paper: Diginotar, Part 6b

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Running head: CIS 500, Case Study 1: Stratified Custom Manufacturing, Part 2

This paper develops a security policy document for my mid-sized organization “Canar Networkung Organization”. The paper will include measures to protect against breaches and act as a proactive defense. It defines the segments of policy that are purpose, audience, document information and scope for the success of organization. This paper also develops the policy criteria that protect the organization from proactive defense and organizational risks. It examines the objectives, complains, responsibilities, implementations and control of policy criteria in order to enhance the organization. The paper also details the policy measurement in order to mitigate the organizational threats, and provides an effective security elements for the enhancement of the organization.

Introduction: The policy This policy is the procedure and principle that guides the decisions and the rational outcomes of an organization. The subjective and the objective decisions can be assisted by policy in order to make better environment to the organization. Policies include the set of decision that can be associated by the senior management in an organization.
Document information:
The framework of Canar Networkung Organization could be provided by document information for the development of organization among the global markets. This document information will be used to define, collect, retain, protect, and share the organizational activities. The organizational member were utilized the document information in order to mitigate the vulnerabilities of organization. The sensitive and membership included by organization for performing several tasks of organization. The document...

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