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BUS102: Fundamentals of Customer Service
This document tells you exactly what will be expected of you in this course, and what you can expect in the course and from your faculty member. It is very important that you read this document carefully. You might even want to print it for later reference.
ONLINE MOODLE TUTORIAL: If you have not done so already, take some time to watch the two Moodle tutorials. The tutorial will help you to navigate the course site more efficiently and will help you to work smarter instead of harder.
Online Course Tutorial Part 1: Becoming Familiar with ECPI Online Courses
Online Course Tutorial Part 2: Participating in Your Online Course
COURSE TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS: Review the Course Textbook link in your course to confirm that you have the correct textbook, software or web resources for the course.
ONLINE CAMPUS STUDENTS: If a course utilizes an eBook or other web-based materials, Online students will receive the access codes via their student email account. If you have not received them by the first day of class, contact me ASAP and also contact If a hard copy book is used in the course, you should receive it in the mail prior to the start of the term.
STUDENTS FROM ALL OTHER CAMPUSES: You must see your academic advisor on or before the first day of class to get your textbooks and any required web-based resource access codes from your campus.
In addition to the Course Textbook link, be sure to review the Course Materials and Resources section of your course. Information and instructions for utilizing the web-based resources and accessing any areas of the ECPI network that you may need for your course will be in this section.
ATTENDANCE: I will evaluate your course progress and logged activity three times per week to determine if you are on schedule to satisfactorily complete the course. Please begin your course activities on the first day of the term (i.e. post to the introductory discussion forums, complete the course pretest, etc.), and continue posting to discussions and submitting work as assigned in the course throughout the week. In this way, I will be able to track your progress in the course and determine your attendance. Attendance will be taken three times per week as noted here:
Monday: I will check to see if you have made progress in the course for the time period including Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday and early Monday morning. (Typically, the work completed during this time period should include discussions postings, assignments or labs submitted to drop boxes, quizzes, etc.)
Wednesday: I will check your progress in the course from Monday afternoon through early Wednesday morning.
Friday: I will check to see if you have made progress in the course for the time period including Wednesday afternoon through early Friday morning.
Loss of Internet Connection: If you lose Internet connection during the course, you must make plans to either borrow or rent a computer. Your nearest public library has computers with Internet service for public use. If you live near an ECPI campus, you may use any of the student computers there. Losing your Internet connection or computer system during the course is not grounds to receive an incomplete, to excuse you from your course work, or to withdraw you from the course without penalty.
FACULTY MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION Faculty Member Name | Mr. Jackson | Phone # | 623 - 326 - 6072 | Hours of Availability | Check the course calendar, classroom announcements and email for virtual office hours times. To chat with me live during office hours, visit the Office Hours link in the course shell. Feel free to email me or send me a Moodle message any time! I am also happy to schedule an appointment to chat with you. | Response Time to Emails | All messages will be answered within 24 hours, with the possible exception of weekends and ECPI holidays. | Response Time for Feedback on Assignments | You can expect that all written work for a unit will be graded within three days after the end of the unit. I enter comments and provide feedback for all your assignments. Discussion boards are graded every Monday after the unit ends. | Type of Feedback to Be Expected | As noted above, I make comments for your assignments. Sometimes I may even attach a file with corrections or notes. I will notify you if I send you a file. Please make sure you read all my comments. This is part of your learning process. Feel free to ask questions regarding your grade and my comments. |
The following chart gives you an overview of the course grade breakdown. Be sure you regularly visit the Grades link in your course to track your progress. In addition, be sure to review the Discussion Forum Participation Policies and Rubric located in the Online Policies and Procedures section of the course site. As you can see, Discussions are heavily weighted. We consider discussions to be the heart of every online course. Discussion Boards | 25% | Review Assignments | 25% | Case Assignments | 32% | Quizzes | 12% | Final Exam | 6% | Total | 100% |
Check your course calendar for unit due dates. Generally, all course work for a unit is due on Sunday evening at 11:59 PM ET. Discussion board postings are due throughout the week, subject to the Discussion Forum Participation Policies and Rubric found in each Moodle course shell.
Deadlines will only be excused if arrangements are made with me in advance and if circumstances are sufficiently serious. It is your responsibility to communicate to me any difficulties you may have meeting deadlines, and it is my final decision whether or not you may make up late work without penalty.
In online classes, Sunday by 11:59 PM (EST) is always the initial due date for weekly assignments. Assignments will be considered late if they are submitted after the weekly deadline for the week that they were assigned. Late assignments in online classes will lose 10 percent each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday past the due date at Midnight Eastern Time. For example, if an assignment was due on a Sunday and the student submits the assignment on the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the highest grade the assignment can receive is a 90. If the assignment is submitted on Thursday or Friday, the highest grade the assignment can receive is an 80. If the assignment is submitted by midnight (EST) the first Sunday following the initial due date, the highest grade the assignment can receive is a 70.
Assignments turned in late due to a documented excused absence will be graded as initially assigned.
This late assignment policy only applies to assignments, activities, essays, quizzes and exams; it does not apply to discussion forums. | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Week the work is assigned | Unit start | | | | | | Unit due date | 1st week after due date | -10 | -20 | -30 | 2nd week after due date | -40 | -50 | -60 | 3rd week after due date | -70 | -80 | -90 | 4th week after due date | -100 | NOTE: The final course due date supersedes the above. In other words, no credit should be given for work submitted after the Unit 5 due date. |
LATE DISCUSSION BOARD POSTING POLICY: All discussions will end on Sunday at midnight of that particular unit. Failure to participate in the discussion for the unit, grants you the option to make up some of the work in the following way: You must first read all of the discussion threads posted for the week missed. You should then write a summary of the discussion threads (1-2 pages) and submit it for grading. The summary should conclude with lessons learned from that week's discussion thread. I will grade the summary, and the highest grade you can achieve is a 70%. The make-up work must be completed within one week after the week missed.
Communication is the key to success in an online class! Be sure to communicate frequently to your faculty member and classmates to get the most out of the class.
Logging in to the Course Site: Checking the site frequently will allow you to remain informed about what is going on in the course, and it will encourage the high level of interaction that is expected in online courses.
Latest News: I regularly post announcements in the Latest News area. You are responsible for any information found in these announcements. Be sure to read them! The News Forum link in upper center area of your course page contains all the announcements posted in the class. You can enter a comment or a question about any of the information found in these announcements/news.
Calendar: We have a built in calendar here in the course site to help you manage your time. You are responsible for checking the calendar for all your due dates. I also include reminders for attendance, exams, and any other time sensitive elements of the course.
Moodle Messages and ECPI Email: You should plan to check your messages regularly, if not daily. I will use the message system here in Moodle to contact you as well as your student email account.
Disappearing: Sometimes, online students have a tendency to disappear. Don't do this! First, it's very unprofessional and next, you may not pass the class. If you have an emergency arise, message me before you take off. I will work with you, but you must make contact.
If you encounter any problems with the online learning platform, please make sure that you take advantage of our 24/7 Tech Support. You can contact them by phone at this toll free number: 1.866.896.0154. Write this number down and post it by your computer.
Congratulations on continuing your education! I want to see you succeed not only in this course, but also in your college experience here at ECPI and in your professional career. I hope you enjoy the class.
© ECPI, 2012

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