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Cis/207 Business Requirements

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Business Requirements: Proposal

1. Receiving System Requirements
1.1. The receiving system should ask the end user to enter their username and password to access the receiving system.
1.2. The receiving system should allow the end user the option to search for incoming orders by purchase order number or supplier name
1.2.1. The initial list for the supplier name selection option should display a list all of suppliers by company name, location, and status of open purchase orders The system should check to see if the response to the request is longer than 25 items. If so the system should allow the user to narrow the search.
1.2.2. The initial list for purchase order selection option should show a list of open purchase orders to be received on the current day The system should check to see if the response to the request is longer than 25 items. If so the system should allow the user to narrow the search.
1.2.3. In the case of no results the option to modify search criteria or cancel should be provided
1.3. The list of purchase orders returned should show the purchase order number, order date, product number, basic product description, total number of items in delivery
1.4. The system should allow the purchase order to be selected and opened to view the purchase order.
1.5. Once opened the options to edit purchase order, print purchase order, go back, print labels should be available
1.6. The system should allow the purchase order to be edited by a manager.
1.6.1. The edit screen should display a list the items in the order showing the product name, product number or sku, items ordered, and items received
1.6.2. The end user should be able to enter into the items received field for each item.
1.6.3. Once the item are updated on the purchase order the end user will save the updated purchase order into the system.
1.7. The system…...

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