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Risk Assessment
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CIS502 Week 10 Technical Paper: Risk Assessment
Instructor: Dr. Alaba Oluyomi
March 12, 2014

The network diagram of Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) depicts the layout of the company’s mission critical systems. The company has two servers (Email and the Oracle database) which are used more than any of their other systems. GFI heavily depend on their network to be stable because of their financial systems that are running and any outage would negatively affect their operations and financial situation. Like all other business, customer satisfaction and the security of GFI’s network is crucial. In order to ensure their network and data is secure, GFI has begun to re-evaluate their network infrastructure. GFI has had some service interruptions that has cost them over $100,000 in revenue losses.

Description of GFI’s Network, Interconnection and Communication environment
Global Finance Inc. Network
The Internet is made up of two 10GB connections.

Remote Dial up access via PSTN
VPN gateway connected to an Off-Site office

A DMZ network which is made up of 2 Border (Core) routers, which are connected to the 2 10GB internet connections. 2 Distribution Routers. 1 VPN gateway, 1 firewall, 1 RMS server and a PBX box that is connected to the PSTN remote access dial up network.

There are 6 Departments

Department Workstation Printer
Accounting 63 7
Loan 25 5
Customer Server 12 3
Mgmt. 5 3
Credit Dept. 10 3
Finance Dept. 49 5

Above is a table that list the six departments. There is also a breakdown of the workstations and 26 printers per department.

There are 6 10GB Access Layer VLAN switches and 3 10GB Multi-Layer switches

There is also a Trusted Computing Base Internal Network that is locate inside of Global Finance Inc.…...

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