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Cisco 1 Ch1 Study Guide

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CCNA Discovery Networking for Home and Small Business
Study Guide
Chapter 1: Personal Computer Hardware
Directions: Answer the following questions while reading the Chapter material online. Please make sure that all answers are summarized or paraphrased, not just copied from the text.

Section | Questions | Answers | 1.1 | What are the seven places computers are used? | Businesses, manufacturing environments, homes, government offices, non-profit organizations, schools and hospitals. | | What is so important about software? | It allows us to utilize the hardware to manage things like the memory and also use these hardware devices to run programs. | | For computers to be useful, what three things must work together? | Hardware, Operating System, Application Software | | List the two general categories of software and give examples for each. | Operating System | Windows 7 | Application Software | Microsoft Word | | | What are the two main categories of software? | Business/IndustryGeneral Use | 1.1.2 | Complete the Activity | | 1.2 | List the 6 main types of computing devices.Pick three of the types and research and list ONE specific example for each of the three types. | Mainframe | IBM eServer zSeries 990 | Server | HP ProLiant 518174-005 ML150 G6 Tower Server | Desktop | | Workstation | | Laptop | HP 2000-2a28dx | Handheld | | | | What makes a server more than a PC? | A server has multiple CPU’s and a lot of RAM because it is generally used by multiple people where a PC is generally used by one person at a time. | | List the three main types of servers. | Blade, Rack mount and Standalone | | What distinguishes a workstations from a normal desktop PC? | A workstation is more powerful than a normal desktop because it is used for running high end applications for businesses. A...

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