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Cisco is the infamous routing and networking company that have used ingenious methods of both business-to-business and the consumer marketing. Cisco original product line was intended for sale to other business. Building a brand in a business-to-business context has some notable differences than doing so in the consumer market because it markets to different audience. Branding within business-to-business appears to be more centered on relationships of various companies. This is demonstrated when the company Cisco developed partnerships with Sony, Matsushita, and US West.
Constructing a brand in a business-to-business also requires awareness or educational building activities. Cisco launched a television ad campaign to educate the consumer. In those ad campaign facts about the power of the internet where revealed to viewers in a series of questions. The target audience in a business-to-business is small and focused. In 2003, Cisco targeted corporate executives and IT decision makers to sell their products.
Erecting a brand in a consumer market is more product-driven than relationship driven than the business-to-business marketing. When Cisco switched from business-to-business to the consumer market, they began producing several home entertainment products than covered a large target audience with various products for music, printing, video, and more. A new marketing brand was also necessary to tap into the emotional buying needs of the consumer market. Cisco began their ‘The Human Network’ campaign which appealed to the average consumer. Cisco also created brand identity through powerful imagery when they developed Cisco Connected Sports which turned sport stadiums into interactive venues. A fan has the opportunity to get meet the players through a videoconferencing system.
Cisco’s objective is to increase overall internet circulation which drives demand for their…...