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Citi Bank California

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In order to move the corporation towards its strategic goal of “building a profitable franchise by providing relationship banking combined with a high level of service to its customers”, Citi Bank California has recently incorporated a variety of non-financial measurements into its performance evaluation system. Specifically, the problem needs to be addressed in the case is whether James should receive a “below par” or “par” overall rating for the fiscal year 1996 as a result of his “below par” rating in customer satisfaction. My recommendation is to give James a “par” rating, and supporting evidences are given as below. First of all, the newly adopted performance scorecard consists of six different types of measures including financial measures, strategy implementation, customer satisfaction, control measures, people, and standards. Among these measurements, the first four are objective measurements determined by related objective data collected during the year, and the latter two are subjective measurements which are substantially depending on the personal opinions of Lisa, direct supervisor of branch managers including James. According to the four quarterly performance evaluation over the year, James has done an excellent job in five out of six measurements other than customer satisfaction. Therefore, after taking the importance of improving customer satisfaction into account, an overall rating of “par” would be objective enough to highlight the corporation’s strategic goal. Second, the branch led by James is actually facing intensive competition from the bank’s major competitors. Nonetheless, James has done an excellent job in the financial perspective, providing the highest financials in the marketplace. Moreover, the customer base of James’ branch is diverse, which implies that a longer period of time is imperative to improve customer satisfaction...

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