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Question 1
Question : Which of the following studies is linked most directly to the establishment of the National Research Act in 1974 and ultimately to the Belmont Report and Federal regulations for human subject protection?
Your answer : Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo).
Correct Answer : The Public Health Service Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.
Comment :
Points Earned : 0
Question 2
Question : The Belmont principle of beneficence requires that:
Your answer : Potential benefits justify the risks of harm.
Correct Answer : Potential benefits justify the risks of harm.
Comment :
Points Earned : 1
Question 3
Question : Humphreys collecting data for the Tearoom Trade study under the pretense that he was a lookout is an example of a violation of the principle of:
Your answer : Respect for persons.
Correct Answer : Respect for persons.
Comment : Humphreys collecting data for the Tearoom Trade study while posing as a lookout is an example of a violation of the principle of respect for persons. Respect for persons requires that subjects freely choose to participate in research (voluntariness) and that they are adequately informed about a study (informed consent).
Points Earned : 1
Question 4
Question : According to the Belmont Report, the moral requirement that there be fair outcomes in the selection of research subjects, expresses the principle of:
Your answer : Respect for persons.
Correct Answer : Justice.
Comment :
Points Earned : 0
Question 5
Question : Which of the following is an example of how the principle of beneficence is applied to a study involving human subjects?
Your answer : Ensuring that risks are reasonable in relationship to anticipated benefits.
Correct Answer : Ensuring that risks are reasonable in relationship to anticipated benefits.
Comment : The principle of beneficence requires that risks...

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