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City of Detroit Demographics and Crime Profile

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Detroit, Michigan is known for its people, music, places, trends and events. It is more widely and famously known as the automobile capital of the world and a city with a prosperous diverse cultural social class which includes: Polish, English, Italian, English, Mexican, Irish, African, Middle Eastern, and Greek descent (City of Detroit, n.d.). Due to the diverse population, many factors contribute to crime. Changes of events such as land use, property values, transportation, and retail has been linked to how people’s views of criminal behavior has increased. Throughout the last several decades there have been many changes to the overall functionality of government, unemployment, communities and crime rates of Detroit. Society has a set way of how people should behave and how they should act among each other. Society envisions of what living the American dream should be like. People assume that they should be able live lavish life styles, but living that lifestyle can come with some consequences. Detroit has gone through many changes over the last several decades many schools, communities and other areas of society have had to adjust to social norms. Like every other city, there are going through financial hardships trying to maintain the characterization of what the city once was. Originally this city played a key role for industrialization for America. Society once viewed Detroit as a place of opportunity. It was a place where people were able to succeed, however now society sees nothing but darkness and fear. Social life changes dramatically when cities can’t provide the take for granted basics of urban living (Schalliol, 2014). With the massive diversity in Detroit the social context is divided with highly educated people, politicians, CEO’s to middle class working, homeless, drug addicts and criminals. The average household income in Detroit in 2011 was...

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