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" My civilization "
Have you ever wondered what are the factors that our ancestors filtered to choose the land they built their civilization on? For example, if you had to choose between a nice river valley surrounded by other civilizations or a secluded island, what would it be? I believe that if I were in charge of a large group of people 1000 years ago I would choose the river valley for three important reasons. Firstly,the river valley will provide me with water so I'll be able to grow crops, secondly I'll be surrounded by other civilizations which gives me an opportunity to trade, and finally once my civilization is strong enough I have the opportunity to expand.
I am inclined to believe that water is the most important element on earth, because one of the greatest civilizations in history was built on the benefits of water.The ancient Egyptians "pharaohs" depended on water to survive, using water they were able to feed and dress their people. Which had let me to believe that my geography is my destiny, and that's why I chose the river valley. In addition to the availability of water, the trade of goods and services between people as well as nations has been going on for far more than I can remember.The river valley is surrounded by other civilizations which presents a perfect opportunity for the trade of goods and services.For example, using the river's water to my advantage I can trade my crops for other goods I can't produce. in my own point of view I tend to believe that the place or environment I live in shapes the life I will lead, and that’s the second factor that lead me to choose the river valley.Last but not least, providing food and services for my people will lead to an increase in population, which will eventually result into reaching the limiting capacity of the land I built my civilization on. unlike the island, where I'm surrounded by water and there is no room to expand, choosing the river valley provides me with a great opportunity to either form alliances with neighboring civilizations to expand or on the other hand, battling with smaller civilizations to take their land and expand mine. With all that said I believe it would be easy to agree that geography shapes and effects our society through many different aspects, ranging from the availability of resources to the capability of withstanding the nation/civilization living on it.This has lead me to conclude that if I lived on an island my civilizations growth will be limited as well as my own growth.
All in all, Wanting a land that carries resources,potential for growth, and opportunities for expansions the river valley in my own perspective is the smarter decision. "Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds - it's the production of food and fiber from the world's land and waters. Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy." (Allen Savory) and just as A.Savory mentioned agriculture is the foundation of civilization, and water is the foundation of agriculture.

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