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Civil Liability

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Private Police and Civil Liability
Dan Seemann
August 4, 2014
Darrin Waters

Civil Liability and Private Police
Private police and security continue to grow at a rapid pace because of reduced Constitutional restrictions, but employers must also understand the increased civil liabilities associated with employing private security. This paper will help to evaluate civil liability and how these liabilities are applied to private police forces. Another key element will be to identify and recommend certain measures that can be implemented to help mitigate organizational and institutional liability. Mitigating these liabilities will enable a larger return on investment for the business using these private security forces. Potential for Civil Liability
Civil liability is considered the potential responsibility for payment to be assessed to an individual or organization that has incurred damages based on a lawsuit. There are several different factors that can determine the potential for liability based on certain tort laws that may be applied. A tort is considered to be a wrongful act that was committed that may result in compensation based on varying levels of proof and damages that are present. Rules, evidence, precedent, and judicial discretion all help to determine which category or tort law will be applicable. The elements and burden of evidence and proof can also vary from state to state, and can focus on different aspects of the damages or injuries caused.
Types of Liabilities and Lawsuits There are three different types of tort laws that private officers and employers must understand effectively to mitigate as much potential liability as possible. Negligence is the most common type of tort, and consists of accidental or negligent act that created a risk to another person. Intent does not play...

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