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The theme of this book is individual-rights verses public-order, specifically; the rights guaranteed by the constitution to criminal suspects and law abiding citizens need to be upheld and defended. On the public-order side of things, the needs of communities to be protected from unlawful and/or harmful behavior must be recognized as well. These two sides have opposing groups: individual-rights advocates and public-order advocates. Individual-rights advocates focus on just that. They make sure the rights of citizens and suspects are both upheld (like the right to a speedy trial and bail). Public-order advocates are there to make sure that the public (communities) are also protected from unacceptable behavior... Describe the American experience with crime during the last half century. What noteworthy criminal incidents or activities can you identify during that time, and what social and economic conditions might have produced them?
The American experience with crime during the last half century has been especially influential in shaping the criminal justice system of today. Although crime waves have come and gone, some events during the past century stand out as especially significant, including a spurt of widespread organized criminal activity associated with the Prohibition years of the early twentieth century; the substantial increase in “traditional” crimes during the 1960s and 1970s; the threat to the American way of life represented by illicit drugs around the same time; and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (Dworkin, 2005).,
The American experience with crime during the last half century has been the main reason for the way our courts, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system operates the way that it does today. There have been many crime waves and other events that have played a key role in shaping the system as it is today. Some of…...

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