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I interviewed correctional officer Brian Sanchez from City Of New York Police Department 67 precinct. He began his career in the 67th precinct as a patrolman in 1989. In 1994, Brian was promoted to chief of police. Brian has his bachelors of science in criminal justice from John Jay College for Criminal Justice (University) and a masters of science in forensics from the same school. Since his time working as police officer, he also did numerous of volunteer work and some classroom instructions. In 2003, Brian later switched his mindset and became a correctional officer.
As much as he loved being a patrolman and working as a police officer, Brian said he couldn't hide his passion to help inmates. Growing up he was also told to be a policeman because his mother wanted him to follow in his father’s footsteps. He didn’t choose the job because he wanted to please his mom; he did it because it’s what’s inside him to do. He's been working as a correctional officer for approximately eight years and says that he loves his job and he never gets stressed a day in his life. His passion didn’t come easy, but it came with hard work. He had to go through series of classes and training. There were days when he felt defeated but he kept going. He now uses what he was thought as well as his knowledge to help others make a better change for their lives. I was surprised at the smiles he had during the interview. I have never seen someone so profoundly happy about his or her career. It's like the moon and the tides, take away one of the components, and the whole thing that was complete would feel inadequate. That was so refreshing to see. One thing that interest me about Brian's work was a few things; the dangers of his job. Brian stated that sometimes when he is tired, he still has to be on his P's and Q's because assault, escape, or disturbances can happen at any given time. But one…...