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October 27, 2011

In the following paragraphs choice theories will be described as well as how they specifically relate to crime. Common models on how society determines which acts are or are not criminal in nature and how they impact choice theories directly will also be made known in this paper.
The first topic at hand is choice theories. What are choice theories? According to Wikipedia (2011) “the

term choice theory is the work of William Glasser, MD, author of the book so named, and is the

culmination of some 50 years of theory and practice in psychology and counseling. Choice Theory

posits that behavior is central to our existence and is driven by five genetically driven needs, similar to

those of Abraham Maslow: Survival (food, clothing, shelter, breathing, personal safety and others) and

four fundamental psychological needs: Belonging/connecting/love, Power/significance/competence,

Freedom/autonomy, and, Fun/learning” So in short it is safe to say that choice theories would be

perspectives on crime causes states that criminal activities are the after thoughts of a conscious decision

or choice. Choice theory is also known as rational choice theory. Rational choice theory is when a

criminal feels the need to defy the law even though they know the consequences do not outweigh the

benefit of doing so.

Choice theory states that there is a central behavior to our existence and this is driven by five needs. These needs consist of responsibility and freedom, significant/power/competence, fun and learning, loving/connecting/the feeling of belonging, and finally survival. Furthermore choice theory has ten Axioms that are directly based upon a counseling process. This process is geared toward assisting its clients/patients to make good decisions. Axioms ten choice theories are...

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