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Week 3 Team Assignment

A few months ago our suburb implemented a neighborhood watch program. We wanted to make our neighborhood safer, help reduce crime, and improve the quality of life within the neighborhood. Since we live just outside of a large city we realized that the local police officers could not be everywhere at once, so we started the watch so we could be the “eyes and ears” for local law enforcement. Our neighborhood watch consist of twenty members plus our law enforcement liaison, Officer Huggins. Officer Huggins is a huge asset to our neighborhood watch program. He attends our monthly meetings and is also involved in our community-wide watch activities. Officer Huggins also trains our watch members ranging from setting goals to how to report suspicious activity. His purpose of the neighborhood watch program is not to run the program but to be there for support and to guide us the best way he can so that we have a successful program. It is great to know that we have the support from our local law enforcement.
Our community watch members have many different responsibilities. The biggest responsibility to insure the success of our program for years to come is to remain active. We stay active by conducting monthly meetings, having community BBQs, and also training every three months. Each month at our meetings we discuss topics such as Neighborhood watch patrolling, suspicious activity, and home security (2005 MUBX). It is very important that we recruit new members to the program and the most effective way that we have found is by having these community BBQs. At these BBQs we have great food, games for the kids, and community watch presentations given by the leaders and out law enforcement liaison. These presentations our very informative and allow community members to know exactly what is going on in their neighborhood. Our...

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