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Include the group’s various business interests over time

La Cosa Nostra have been in various business for over 80 years in Miami

and across the United States. Through violence and illegal activities they have been able

to grow and evolve throughout the years. Law enforcement have weaken the organization

throughout the past three decades but have not been able to overcome the organization.

The Cosa Nostra various business interest over time have include murder, loan-sharking,

extortion, beating, illegal gambling, entertainment places, buildings, food services,

garbage companies, drug trafficking, and politic influence. La Cosa Nostra is able to gain

control of these business by pure force and corruption. In a 1997 case in Chicago La Cosa

Nostra where able to get away with a considerable amount of corruption cases that

involved law enforcement, judges, politicians, and lawyers pleading guilty or convicted of

the crime.

“Jacobs (1999) believes that one of the LCN’s major assets is its general business

acumen. They are best described, he says, as being entrepreneurial, opportunistic, and

adaptable. They find ways to exploit market vulnerabilities, while at the same time

maintaining the necessary stability and predictability that business requires to be profitable.

One of the ways they do this is by taking over only a piece of a legitimate business -- and

providing a service in return -- rather than taking over the whole business. The latter

would, of course, require a management responsibility that they do not want and possibly

could not handle, and that would in addition likely upset the business climate necessary for

Success.” (James O. Finckenauer, Ph.D.)

La Cosa Nostra have been able to control legal and illegal businesses like no other

criminal organization ever have for decades…...