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Future of Modernizations SOC/120 January 8 2012

Modernization manifests itself in the U.S. In many different ways. The reading suggest Peter Berger defined the key factors of modernizations as being an increase in diversity, a decrease in traditional communities, more awareness to personal choice, and a look towards the future and realization of time. One main key feature in modernization manifesting itself is the fact that most of the population lives in the bigger parts of cities. 80 percent of the population according to population bureau, 2010. Their statistics showed that individuals would much rather live in bigger cities, even after knowing that health care pollution were greater in these places. The studies showed that rural areas can give one a healthier living standard, but people continue to choose to live with consequences that the may be encountered with. I think that people do not even realize the difference between the two, they just find that living in the bigger cities makes their life seem easier. The statistics also showed that the individuals that live in the bigger parts of the cities tend to rely on drugs and alcohol more than the individuals that choose to live in rural areas. I really do not see modernization trends changing anytime soon. Modernization has been happening for many years and has improved individuals life's over a period of time. I think that we have seen some things improve so greatly that there are always doing to be people out there that see something improving even more than it has. While I do not see modernization trends changing, I can see the process of modernization slowing down at some point. I believe that at this time in the U.S. , we are at a high point and it seems that everything that we have has room for improvement. I...

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