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Claim: in Any Field—Business, Politics, Education, Government—Those in Power

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Claim: In any field—business, politics, education, government—those in power should step down after five years.
Reason: The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.
With the emphasis on the importance of revitalization to an enterprise in any field, the statement claim that changing leadership every five years will help an enterprise to achieve success. Well, revitalization is indeed essential to a successful enterprise; but the success of an enterprise is determined not only by revitalization, perseverance and consistency are also important. Besides, to make revitalization, new leadership sometimes is not a good resort; willingness to accept new ideas is the key. From these perspectives, simply changing leadership every five years is not a good way to ensure success of an enterprise.
To any field, revitalization is crucial to an enterprise’s continuous booming. Through revitalization, we break former restrains on our mind and try different approaches to reach our goals. Good ideas and significant discoveries are always reaped in these new attempts. Before Columbus’ time, the only sea route from Europe to Asia was the one that bypass Africa. But Columbus dared to try a totally different way. As a result, he inadvertently discovered a new continent full of promising opportunities. We see here that revitalization is a powerful drive to new successes. But it is only one factor among others that determine whether an enterprise could achieve success. Perseverance and consistency are of no less importance. Before and during his long voyage to the new continent to be discovered, Columbus met with many doubts, difficulties and obstacles hindering him from going on. It was his perseverance...

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