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8). The reason the Tiktaalik fish needed to do pushups so he could strengthen his upper body to jump out of the water onto land. The reason he needed to get out of water because of all the predators in the area and the ability to move to locations where predators couldn’t move made it possible for him to alive.

Catholic Theology Understand the Sacraments as “means of Grace”
Melissa Robinson
Saint Leo University REL 123 Christian Spiritual Vision
Dr. Richard H. Cobble

The Sacraments are between the most evident forms of obvious outward show in Christianity coming as they do with major differences, both in number and in practice. I will explain the theological and historical background, and their significance in the continuing life of the church. The focus will be on two main sacraments as practiced in Protestant Christianity, verse Baptism and Holy Communion “means of grace”. The early church acknowledged many practices which in some way expressed the “mystery’ (Greek: mysterion) of the Christian belief. (McGrath). Albl, points out from the beginning, a union was between the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion and the mystery of God’s saving work in Christ (Albl 56-100). Translated the Greek term to into Latin, by using sacramentum, a worked which in a worldly sense meant an oath of commitment, for example the kind that a soldier might make to his commander in charge. Augustine a 4th century theologian of Hippo defined a sacrament as an “outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace. (McGrath) In spite of this definition, there was no solid agreement as to the number of rites that could properly be called sacraments. During the 12th century, based the work of Peter (1100-1160), that the sacraments were systemized and the total number as seven. These were Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Marriage, Holy Orders,...

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